Frequently Asked Questions

How do you design your prints?
We use reference photos and design our prints using a CAD design tool, which we then export to Adobe Illustrator. From there we create photopolymer plates for use on a letterpress.

Why letterpress?
Screenprinting seemed less exciting.

Okay real answer: We weren't interested in outsourcing our work to a third-party. It is our experience that wristwatch collectors place a premium on the personal touch that comes from a handprinted product. Also, with a letterpress we can deboss—print with an impression in the paper—which lends both a tactile and visual touch to the print that screen- or digital-printing just cannot provide.

Where do you print?
We belong to a collective letterpress print shop in Brooklyn, NY.

What paper do you use?
We are big fans of Legion Bamboo paper as our primary paper source. The paper is 90% bamboo and 10% cotton. Bamboo grows up to one meter per day and can be harvested sustainably without any damage to the environment.

What prints are next?
We actually designed the Omega Caliber 321 second. The first movement we designed is the Valjoux 72—our favorite movement. However, with this year being the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, it just seemed right to start there. So our next prints are: Valjoux 72 and then the Longines 13ZN. We're suckers for manually-wound chronograph movements. After that we've started working on the Lange 951.5 from the 1815 Chronograph and the Lange 121.1 which is in the Lange 1. After that, who knows?

Why don't you include the text on the movement?
There are really two answers for this and both are legitimate reasons to us. The first is we wanted focus on the movements themselves, their complexities and beauty, and less about who made them or how many jewels they were bragging the movement contained. The second reason is that we've seen other watch-related artwork out there that doesn't quite get the typefaces correct on their work. As collectors we've been conditioned to be hyper critical and diligent on font variants, letter and word spacing, and so if we're not going to get it exactly correct—and typography design is a highly specialized field in itself—we figured better to omit it than have it be incorrect.

Can I order a custom print from you?
Yes you can! If you want a custom print, we can print as large as 15 inches wide. We will require high resolution reference photos if they are not readily available online. Please contact us for more information.